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COSCO Nantong setting new ship repairing record



On December 25, 2020, the Singapore "Jaguar", the 200th ship repaired by COSCO Shipping in Nantong this year, set sail on time,

setting a new record of ship repairing ships.

In recent years, the company has deepened the cooperation with Ruitai base, realized unified operation and management through regional resource integration, and formed a big marketing pattern of "four docks and five berths".

In the past year, the company has overcome the impact of the epidemic, and with the strong support of the local Party committee and government and the port units, it has solved the practical difficulties such as the obstruction of foreign crew,

It provides a strong guarantee for core customers such as American Mason and Australian CSL to stabilize and realize steady growth of benefits.

Nantong COSCO Shipping has a very good geographical location, wharf, channel berth, has been Shanghai,NT Kawasaki, Zhoushan shipping founder.

Of course, it has made considerable contribution to Nantong local economic development and employment.