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Diesel engine driven fire pump unit
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1. diesel engine model: WP12C450 or equivalent
Type: four stroke, straight row, supercharged and closed cooling.
Rated power: 330 kW x 2100rpm
Starting mode: electric start
Rotation: CCW (from the input)
Fire pump model: OPK-S200
Type: single stage single suction horizontal centrifugal pump
Medium: sea water
Steering: CW (for pump input shaft end) efficiency: 80%
Speed: 2100 RPM
Rated flow: 600m3/h
Lift: 150m
Axis power: 316 kW
Upper limit of work pressure: 1.6MPa
Manufacturing material: shell: nodular cast iron impeller: copper alloy
Shaft: stainless steel 316
Seal: soft packing seal
(1 sets of mixed foam proportioning unit)
2. electric main fire gun
Model: PSKD200C
Form: electric remote control control with manual emergency operation
Medium: sea water
Flow: 600 m3/hr
Design pressure: 1.6 MPa
Import pressure: 1.35 MPa
Rotation angle: horizontal + / - 165 degree vertical - 30 degree to +70 degrees.
Range (static wind): > 100 m

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