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shaft boring, tail shaft adjustment, rudder blade boring
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Tail shaft boring, tail shaft adjustment, rudder blade boring, large ship tail shaft adjustment, machining, finishing

The rudder hole includes a coaxial connected taper hole and a short hole from the outside to the inside,

The process steps are as follows

(1) After the fabrication of the rudder blade is completed, the rudder blade shall be leveled, the four sides shall be padded with piers, and the steel ruler and laser theodolite shall be used to adjust the center of the four sides and two holes,

(2) According to the center line of the rudder blade provided in the previous section, the steel wire shall be drawn and aligned at the center of the big end of the rudder stock steel casting and the bottom sealing plate,

(3) Insert the boring bar;

(4) After straightening the boring bar, set the cutter and bore the hole;

(5) After finishing boring, remove boring row, cut horseshoe, polish, brush oil hole plane, pull steel wire, and recheck hole concentricity based on process benchmark screw of rudder pin and rudder stock pedestal

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